{Teen Launch Blog Series} Branding

At this point, you should have decided what type of business to start.  You should have your customer avatar filled out in the worksheet you downloaded in the last lesson.  Finally, you should have your pricing figured out.  Now it’s time to start getting into the fun stuff. Brand Heidi Cohen of Riverside Marketing Strategies has a great blog post on her website with 30 different definitions of what a brand is.  I found #19 to […]

{Teen Launch Blog Series} Change is good

Originally, my plan was to create an entire post to cover topics related to marketing.  After writing it, I realized it is much too long for one blog post, so I have decided to split it into two.  The first will cover Branding.   You will come up with the message you want your business to convey. Once that is done, you will create your company name, logo, and color scheme. Branding, according to the […]