Teens can make a difference through social entrepreneurship

Teens Can Make a Difference Through Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are people who start a business with the intent to donate profits to a social cause, create a new product, service, or a new approach to a social problem. In other words, any time an entrepreneur engages in work specifically to help a community problem, organization or the world at large. One of the biggest comments I hear from you is that you want to make a difference in your world. You have […]

Be prepared to leave your comfort zone

Doing things that are easy or that come natural to you will only get you so far in your business. In order to grow and reach maximum success, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Do the hard work. I don’t know any business owner that would tell you otherwise. Are you afraid to talk to people because you are worried they won’t take you seriously? Find one person a day to tell […]

There’s no such thing as failure

One of the biggest fears kids have when it comes to starting a business is that they are going to fail.  Hey, we adults aren’t much different! I can think back to when you I started my first business.  I  had all these thoughts racing around my  mind: Maybe I don’t have enough education, experience or degrees. Lots of people are already doing this. What makes me different? What if I run out of money? I will […]