Free tools to help run your business

Starting a business costs money.  You’ve probably heard that saying, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”?  That used to be true and to a degree is still is.  With the internet now a BIG part of entrepreneurship, there are a ton of free and low cost tools you can use to get your business off the ground. Design Tools If you are tech saavy and more of a DIYer, you can do a lot of […]

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight - Proving that age doesn't matter. Maya Penn - Entrepreneur. Cartoonist. Designer. Philanthropist?

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight (YES!) – Entrepreneur. Cartoonist. Designer. Philanthropist?

Maya Penn does it all. She built her first website using HTML. She created an animated superhero cartoon called “The Pollenators”. She started an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing business! Aaaannnnd she created a non-profit called Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet, an organization that “strives to help the community, spread environmental awareness and encourage young girls to follow their dreams in non-traditional fields.” All by the time she turned 15. It can be done […]

Teens can make a difference through social entrepreneurship

Teens Can Make a Difference Through Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are people who start a business with the intent to donate profits to a social cause, create a new product, service, or a new approach to a social problem. In other words, any time an entrepreneur engages in work specifically to help a community problem, organization or the world at large. One of the biggest comments I hear from you is that you want to make a difference in your world. You have […]

{Teen Launch Blog Series} The 411 on Business Startup for Teens

I’m so excited that our Teen Launch Blog Series, Business Startup for Teens, goes live on Monday, June 1st.   By the end of the series, if you do all the activities, you’ll have a great business plan formed and you’ll be ready to rock!  I’ll still be posting some regular blog posts that will inspire and help you AND keep your eyes open for some surprise bonuses! The series posts will go live every […]

Minimum wage job vs. entrepreneurship

Why should you start a business instead of just looking for a job? There are a lot of reasons why starting a business might be a better option for you.  I’m going to cover the major one in this post. Money Getting a job where you work for minimum wage isn’t going to make you a ton of spending cash.  That’s because you are trading your time for dollars.  You go to school 8 hours a […]